"Our family loves Slovakia, its beauty, history, and traditions, and we are excited about being residents and citizens of the country. Our New York attorney referred us to Falath & Partners to obtain citizenship by descent, and we have been blessed with the opportunity to work with the firm. They are bright lawyers, they are creative, and they communicate very well in English. They’ve done a great job and followed through on every commitment. I am a lawyer myself and have worked with many lawyers over the years. I wish more lawyers would perform as well as this firm does. I could not recommend them more highly. If you’d like to have a personal discussion about my experience with the firm, I’ll be happy to talk with you. The firm can connect us."

Tom P. // Investor, Corporate Attorney, and Certified Financial Planner // Houston, Texas

"These guys are great. They have been absolutely fantastic in preparing my SLA and citizenship applications. They even could find records that professional genealogists in Slovakia gave up on finding. The Slovak Embassy even mentioned how perfectly prepared everything was. You can’t go wrong with these guys. A premium firm worth every penny."

Kevin L. // Bitcoin Investor and Professional Blackjack Player // Salt Lake City, Utah

"Looking forward with great possibility and anticipation, my family and I rejoiced when, in April 2022, the Slovak Parliament passed the amendment to the Slovak Citizenship Act, paving the way for descendants, such as us, to apply for Slovak citizenship. We are the proud grandchildren of Slovak immigrants to the United States and thought pursuing citizenship would be a loving tribute and a way to embrace our parents, grandparents, and shared Slovak heritage.
In early July 2022, we consulted with a US-based immigration attorney who suggested it might behoove us to seek the expertise of a Slovakia-based law firm/attorney. After researching law firms in mid-July, we contacted Falath and Partners in Bratislava. We were impressed immediately with Ján’s responsiveness, professionalism, and willingness to share his vast legal knowledge – from the overarching interpretation of the new amendment as written to the minutiae embedded within the amendment. Soon thereafter, we had the great good fortune to meet Ema, as she became an invaluable member of our team, our trusted circle. Ema is a gem, as thorough, organized, personable, and responsive as one could wish for. Not only are they an incredible team, they have been and continue to be an incredible team for our family.

As a clinical social worker/licensed therapist, I (Mary Jo) understand the importance of building and maintaining trusting relationships, especially when entrusting your life’s journey into the hands of another. I can’t speak highly enough of Ján and Ema and their support, guidance, and advocacy as we moved through the Slovak Living Abroad/Citizenship by Descent journey.  With Ján and Ema guiding our way, Falath and Partners have consistently offered us an unparalleled level of support, always with the utmost integrity and professionalism.
We had the opportunity to travel to Bratislava in November of 2023 to spend time with Ján and Ema as they ushered us through appointments with the Immigration Police. The process couldn’t have gone more smoothly because of Ján and Ema’s level of preparedness. They were as personable and delightful in person as they came across via email. It was such a pleasure to finally meet them! If you, too, are considering the journey to Slovak citizenship, we wholeheartedly recommend Ján, Ema, and the team at Falath and Partners."

Mary Jo Kacvinsky, Minnesota // Beth Kacvinsky, Florida // Katrina Hande, Tennessee // Mark Holbrow, Massachusetts

"Jan and the team are professional and easy to work with. I’m an American with Slovak roots, but I had never considered pursuing Slovak citizenship until talking with Jan. I appreciated that he provided in-depth details on the website so that when I talked with him, I could ask him more targeted questions. Jan and the team are also outstanding ambassadors for Slovakia and Slovak business culture. I would highly recommend his firm to others pursuing Slovak citizenship or looking to do other business in Slovakia."

Joshua Datko // Security Engineer // Colorado

"Multiple great-grandparents of mine emigrated to Chicago from modern-day western Slovakia. While they desired to truly become Americans, many traditions were kept and handed down, and they proudly identified as Slovak. I always had an interest in learning more about my family, and diving into the process of the SLA and CBD has been enlightening and enjoyable as a result. Being able to discover the challenges they faced in coming here through documentation, identifying their homes, and being able to get more details further back about my family has been well worth the effort. Ján and Ema at Falath & Partners have been fantastic to work with. They’ve made the process clear and easy to understand, offered insight and guidance when I had questions, and had resources available to them that would have been nearly impossible to get on my own – especially being early in my journey of learning the Slovak language. Their access to regional and national records offices, official translators, connections with Slovak diaspora organizations, and much more have made the experience smooth and worth every bit of the investment on my end. I would highly recommend working with them."

John Monarch // Entrepreneur & Executive // South Carolina // Contact: Website, LinkedIn

"I was thrilled when the Slovak laws were updated to make 3rd generation descendants like myself and my siblings eligible for citizenship. However, finding a firm that could help us through the process was daunting, particularly as someone in the US and unable to make any face-to-face connections. Fortunately, I connected with Ján, Ema, and the team, and they have guided my family through the process every step of the way. Beyond just guidance, their help in communicating with Slovak government staff and translating documents has made it possible for me and my siblings to obtain our SLAs, and I feel confident that we are well on the way to citizenship. I can strongly recommend their services to any other aspiring Slovaks."

Brett Bell // Director, Cloud Business Value Services at Oracle // Contact: LinkedIn

"I cannot speak highly enough about my experience with Falath and Partners, specifically with Jan Falath and Ema Vrbovski. As a business consultant with limited knowledge of the legal intricacies involved in obtaining a Slovak living abroad certificate, residency permit, and citizenship, I was initially hesitant about engaging a foreign law firm. However, Jan quickly alleviated my concerns with his expertise and professionalism. Navigating through the processes of obtaining my Slovak living abroad certificate and residency permit was made remarkably smooth under the guidance of Jan and his team. His in-depth understanding of the legal requirements and his commitment to addressing my specific concerns provided me with a sense of assurance throughout the entire process.
I appreciate that Jan and his team delivered top-tier law firm services while maintaining reasonable and transparent pricing. As a business consultant, I value efficiency and reliability, and Falath and Partners exceeded my expectations in both regards. Ema Vrbovski was my main point of contact, answering my questions, providing invaluable guidance, and keeping me updated throughout the entire process. Her unwavering professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness underscored the high level of service provided by Falath and Partners. Applying for my Slovak living abroad certificate held a personal significance for me as it allowed me to connect with my Slovak heritage through my mother. Falath and Partners not only facilitated the legal aspects of this process but also demonstrated a genuine understanding of the cultural and personal dimensions involved.
In summary, I highly recommend Falath and Partners to anyone navigating the complex landscape of legal procedures in Slovakia. Jan and his team's commitment to excellence, coupled with their approachable and client-centric service, make them a standout choice for legal assistance and representation. They have proven that top-tier legal services can indeed be accessible at reasonable costs."

John Culbert // Business Consultant, Director at Strategic CFO Inc. // Toronto, Canada // Contact: LinkedIn

"My return to Slovakia at sixty-seven is a romantic quest, 'Europe' etched in elegant calligraphy onto the red rim of a white porcelain plate. Though I’ve never been here, to Turiec, the red and gold foliage of Mala Fatra surrounding this place my father came from more than a hundred years ago resonates as if I carry memory in my genome. In Kremnica, in the morning, people gather in the Centrum, and I enter the Church with them, sit in a wooden pew, and am held there by the old rituals and the sibilant sounds of my father’s tongue. I’ve recently discovered I have the privilege to apply for Citizenship by Descent, a gift I didn’t know my father had left me, an inheritance not included in his will, an invitation to belonging I didn’t even know I wanted. These fees that Falath & Partners charge are not a guarantee but an investment in the process of discovery, a guided journey back through my ancestry. When Jan’s assistant Ema sent a scan of the manifest of the ship my father had embarked on from the old world to the new at the beginning of the twentieth century, I felt a click, as if in the tumblers on the complicated locks of an old leather-bound book I hope one day to open."

Jode Brexa // Digital Storyteller for Youth Voice // New Mexico

"I have been working with JUDr. Bc. Ján Falath and his team for the past year and a half to attain Slovak citizenship for my mother and me. While I have had no prior experience dealing with immigration matters, Jan and his partners have taken the time to walk me through each step & communicate extremely well. They are very professional and make a complicated process very easy. I would highly recommend their services to anyone looking at immigration matters."

Natalie Davis // HR Representative // Memphis, Tennessee 

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